Walk Away 4.0


[A Short Play]



Francis shouts at Esther angrily. Esther is really uncomfortable. The atmosphere is tensed.

FRANCIS: Are you out of your mind? This is absolutely absurd. Can’t you use your brains? Oh Gosh! (He hits his right fist into his left palm) Woman, when will you wise up? When? Oh, I can’t believe I’m in this mess called…(hisses)

Esther looks on piteously as Francis words really hit her, but she could not figure out the point of the argument.

FRANCIS: (raises voice) Can’t you talk?

ESTHER: (Softly) I think there is a miss up somewhere. I only did what you told me to do?

FRANCIS: Shut up. Can’t you use your discretion as well? Ah. You just ruined everything.

Esther could no longer bear the insults. She takes a walk to the door; put her hand on the door knob. Francis blows hot again.

FRANCIS: Wait a minute, what are you doing? Where are you going? Walking out on me? Hey, don’t dare me?

Esther opens the door and goes out, Francis rushes to pull her in violently, Esther falls, bruises her elbow. Francis hits her.


Francis and Esther eat at the dining enjoying a delicious meal. Suddenly, Francis perceives a foul smell. He sniffs around and discovers its oozing out from where Esther sits. Esther also perceives the smell and wonders what could smell. She notices it is so strong where she sat.

FRANCIS: (Irritated) Did you fart?

ESTHER: No, I didn’t.

FRANCIS: So what smells?

ESTHER: I don’t know.

FRANCIS: Are you sure you did not fart? This smells like digestive gaseous waste emitted from the anus.

ESTHER: I did not fart dear.

Francis goes to Esther and bends to perceive if the smell is coming out of Esther buttocks. He raises his head and covers his nose to confirm his suspicion.

FRANCIS: Ah. Ah. I said you farted. You denied it, who are you lying to? What junk did you feed on that made you release such a foul odor from your inside?

ESTHER: I am so certain I did not fart. What is it now?

FRANCIS: (Very Angry) Hey, Hey, just own up.

ESTHER: (Emphatic) I did not fart. Believe me.

Francis gets really angry and slaps Esther. Esther is bewildered. Her eyes goes red, laden with tears.

ESTHER: (Almost in tears) Francis, you slapped me for what I did not do? Even if I did, do I deserve this? Do you know how many times you had farted in my presence and you had apologized?

FRANCIS: Dear, I’m sorry. Please….

Esther picks her bags and left speechless. Francis kicks the chair in annoyance, the chair falls revealing a big swollen dead rat under the chair.


Three Day earlier; Francis is seen placing a rat poison at the corners of the room.


Esther comes out of the hospital, with a swollen face, a plaster on her head, a bandage on her right hand and some treated bruises on her left leg. She carries a prescription bag walks to the road.


FRANCIS: So that’s the idea. I have it all figured out. It’s just perfect.

ESTHER: That’s brilliant.

FRANCIS: Thank you.

ESTHER: I like to you to also view it from this perspective…

FRANCIS: (Cuts in) No. No. I am not asking for your opinion. It is already perfected, and that’s how it is going to be executed.

ESTHER: Francis, how can you say I have no say in what concerns our future. Then, what’s the purpose of marriage?

FRANCIS: I have spoken. I am the head. I give instructions, you follow.

ESTHER: (Stands to go) I like to take my leave.

FRANCIS: I have not released you, so sit down.

ESTHER: (Still standing) What do you take a woman for? A no brainer, sex object, sex slave, nanny, and what else, house maid?

FRANCIS:  How dare you raise your voice on me? Are you out of your mind? I am the husband here. Don’t provoke me, or else…

ESTHER: Or else, you will slap me, right? Francis, you’ve taken so much pride in having your way without my input. You see me as inferior and you treat me like trash. I have been hospitalized more than four times since our courtship began. I have lost count of the slaps. For your mind, you thought I am a weak woman because I have choosing to be submissive, trusting God that you would change.

FRANCIS: (Shouts on Esther) Stop ranting and sit down.

ESTHER: (Continues) But what have you done? You turned me into a punching bag. You demand submission while you do not submit to God’s dealings. Where is the fruit of the spirit in your life? You are holy in public but a bully in private. Francis, I can no longer see God in you. I don’t know what your problem is. You’ve treated my love with contempt. You’ve beaten out the conviction in me. If our 9 months courtship can be these hellish, it is certain I cannot last in marriage. My dear Francis; I need a break. This relationship is choking. I quit.

FRANCIS: What! You don’t mean it. You can quit on me. Esther, you know I love you.

Esther removes the engagement ring on her fourth left index finger, Francis is shocked and surprised as Esther drops it on Francis tablet on the table, pick up her bag, and soberly walks away.


It is dishonorable, ungodly, irresponsibility, unloving and culturally debasing for “a husband to be” to beat his “wife to be”. It is however, absolute madness and misuse of authority for a husband to beat his wife. A wife is meant to be loved, cared for, pampered, honored and shown affection. A wife responds well, give their best and fulfill the role of helpmeet in her husband’s life when they mutually live in an atmosphere of love. Virtuous women are thorough thinkers. [See Proverbs 31]  If that man claims he loves you and beats you in your courtship, then his love is not Christ like. Any man that beats his fiancée in courtship is a potential killer in marriage. Be wise! If that man wants you to be his wife and will not even hear your opinion on issues, always see you as inferior, having no brain, I suggest you check your convictions before you say “I DO”. A husband that will not consider the opinion of his wife will soon crash the marriage on the rocks. Courtship gives a peep into what marriage will look like. Don’t hold onto a bully with the hope that marriage will change him; he will most assuredly grow worse. “In the same way you married men should live considerately with [your wives], with an intelligent recognition [of the marriage relation], honoring the woman as [physically] the weaker, but [realizing that you] are joint heirs of the grace (God’s unmerited favor) of life, in order that your prayers may not be hindered and cut off. [Otherwise you cannot pray effectively.]” 1 Peter 3:7AMP

Covenant Adebayo



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Walk Away 4.0

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