Walk Away 3.0



[A Short Play]


Becky is beautifully dressed in one of her best. She’s looking radiant, elegant and smart. Accompanying her is a handsome Frederick, his fiancé. She is very excited and full of high hopes as Frederick will be introducing her to his parents that evening. They hold hands smiling and laughing as they approached the entrance to Fred’s parent’s apartment.  Fred opens the door for Becky to enter into the tastefully furnished living room. Fred gives her a seat, brings out the family photo book for Becky while he takes an excuse to go to call in his parents.


In a minute, Fred and his parents enters the living room, Becky quickly drops the photo book on the table and goes on her knees to greet them. The mother lifts her up and gives her a warm hug while the father extends his hand to her and she reverently shakes him. They all have their seats. Fred then stands to introduce Becky as his fiancée.


FRED: Dad and Mum, I am pleased to present to you a woman that makes my heart beat. She is a woman that makes my world interesting; a woman who has turned my life around since I met her. She is cool, calm, caring, humble, adorable, lovely and God fearing. Sincerely, she is the woman I love and wants to spend the rest of my life with.


MUM: My daughter, I can see my son has found love in you. I like your outfit and composure. It’s a good first impression.


BECKY: (Smiles) Thank you ma.


DAD: Welcome my beautiful daughter. Please permit me to ask, is the love between you and my son mutual?


BECKY: Yes Sir. I love him so much. He is the best man I have ever met. He is so well mannered, forward thinking and visionary. Also he is very lovely. I’m really fond of him.


DAD: We thank God. I want you to see yourself as a part of this family. My wife will discuss some things with you. You are welcome; this is now your new house. Permit me; I have a meeting somewhere now.


BECKY: Alright Sir. Have a good evening Sir.


MUM: My Dear, let’s prepare dinner together. (They all rise, Mum leads the way and Fred holds Becky’s hand as they go to the kitchen.)


Cooking is ongoing; Becky uses a napkin to wipe her hands. Mum engages her in a discussion.


MUM: The way my son is all over you depicts you are giving him what no woman is giving him. Like assorted vegetables, good food and a taste of your honey pot.


BECKY: Well, I can only say we are enjoying the love of Christ.


MUM: I know. But is he enjoying your honey pot?


BECKY: Honey pot? I don’t quite understand Ma. (Fred speaks for her)


FRED: Mum, She is not that type. It’s zip up till the wedding night.


MUM: Is that so? You have not started making love with each other? When do you want to start?


BECKY: (Surprised) Start? Mummy! Are you encouraging us to engage in premarital sex?


MUM: No. What I am saying is that you are already husband and wife since both of you have agreed to marry.


BECKY: (Humbly) But we are not yet married Mum. I cannot make love to him until I say “I DO” to him at the altar. That’s when we will be licensed to make love unhindered.


MUM: (Sacrosanct) That will not work my dear, You must get pregnant before the wedding.


BECKY: What!


MUM: It is our tradition in this family. So if you really love my son and you want to marry him, get pregnant for him as soon as possible. Get Pregnant! You see, it’s not a big deal. That’s the way I gave birth to his elder brother and the wives of his two elder brothers did the same. It is to guard against barrenness and to make you secure in his house. There is nothing to fear. Okay?


BECKY: (Reverently) Alright Ma. Thank you.


MUM: The food is ready. Let’s eat.




It’s Saturday Evening. Fred and Becky have just finished seeing a movie and head towards Becky’s apartment, a two bedroom flat where Becky and her friend, Elizabeth lives. Elizabeth is on her way out when the love birds arrives the apartment. Fred takes a seat in the small but cozy sitting room. Becky gets him a bottle of chilled drink and a glass cup.


BECKY: So darling, when are you going to get me pregnant?


FRED: (Surprised) What? Are you for real?


BECKY: Yes, of course. Is that not the criteria for me to marry you and be secure in your house?


FRED: (Excited) Yes. But, did you change your mind?


BECKY: I’ve thought over it.


FRED: That’s the right thing to do. The truth is the moment you get pregnant for me; we will pick the date of our wedding. (Very Excited) This is too good to be happening now. How do we go about it now? Oh, you said your friend will not be back till tomorrow morning. Then I can sleep here overnight. I assure you, you will get pregnant faster than you think.


BECKY: I pray so. You are really excited. But before we go in, what will happen if I don’t get pregnant soon?


FRED: Have faith in God Becky, I trust God you will get pregnant because you are a virgin.


BECKY: I trust God too, but what will happen if I don’t get pregnant, perhaps, in one year?


FRED: Don’t curse yourself dear. God forbid. We may not consummate our relationship, but God forbid. By the time we make love passionately and consistently, you will get pregnant. Just let’s start first.


BECKY: I see. Fred, you’ve had five relationships in the last six years, and none of them got pregnant. You had discarded them like used diapers. You claim to be born again now, yet you want to engage in pre-marital sex or let me call it what it is, Fornication.


FRED: No. God does not frown at family tradition. He loves families.


BECKY: But this is a tradition of sin and God is definitely against it. Has it ever crossed your mind that you might have infertility problem. You have slept with five different women in six years spending a minimum of one year with each and none of them got pregnant? You met them whole and you left them as carcass. Now, you want to add me to the statistics.


FRED: No. That’s not true. You know I love you so much. I can’t do that to you. You know that, right?


BECKY: Ah, indeed the heart of man is desperately wicked. You don’t even care if my womb will be reserved for Covenant Children like Hannah’s, Elizabeth’s or even Mary’s womb. God may even decide to use me as a mother for motherless children, with or without any biological children. But, in order to satisfy your inordinate affection, you want to truncate my destiny and jeopardized my glorious future.


FRED: No. Tradition is tradition. Let’s just give unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s.


BECKY: That’s it. My body, soul and Spirit is not Caesar’s. It belongs to God. I have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus and I know who I am. No amount of Pressure can make me change my mind. My dear Frederick Adekola, it pains my heart but I have to let you go. (Breathes in and out) This relationship is over. I quit!



Pressures from society may make light of fidelity. Marriage is honorable in all, the bed undefiled [Hebrews 13:4]. The Theory of “You must get pregnant before I marry you” is totally unfounded and purely unbiblical, so also is the theory of “cohabitation – living together before marriage”. There is no glamour in being pregnant out of wedlock! Don’t be fooled, coerced or manipulated; the truth is, physical union belongs to marriage, though temptations abound, there is great blessing in being obedient to God. Marriage, as God planned it, is a binding physical and spiritual union where two become one [Genesis 2:24, 25]. It involves putting God first in your hearts and homes. No matter the pressure, any man or woman or family that decides to disobey God and desecrate your body as a prerequisite for marriage can take a walk away, and if they won’t, you take the bold step and QUIT!


Covenant Adebayo



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Walk Away 3.0

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