Walk Away 2.0


[A Short Play]


Tunde enters his room dejected and sad. He throws the diary in his hand on the table and removed his loosened tie from his neck. He wears a  weary and disappointed countenance. He sinks into a chair and slide down to the floor. He tries so much to hold back tears but a drop of tears finally rolled down his cheeks. The future looks so bleak for him. He dips his hand in his pocket, brings out a phone, dials a number, mumbled some words and ends the call. He rests his burdened head on the sofa and stares blankly at the ceiling.


Door opens, Tayo comes in, drops his bag on the chair. Tayo goes to Tunde who lays there soliloquizing.


TAYO: (Taps Tunde) Bro, You sounded so worried on the phone. What is the matter? Why are you talking to yourself?


TUNDE: (Talks without looking at Tayo) She called me to come and see her.


TAYO: Who?


TUNDE: Toyin. I was really excited when she told me we might be starting out courtship right away after our discussion.


TAYO:  Oh, wait  a minute. Don’t tell me you dressed in suit to go and meet her. (Burst in laughter, Tunde looked at him with disdain) Oh, sorry, I’m sorry. I just could not place it.


TUNDE: (wryly) I put on my best so that I can take her out immediately she says yes.


TAYO: What now happened?




Inside a standard furnished apartment, Tunde is dressed in suits and looking very excited on his seat. Toyin comes in with a glass of water in a tray and offers it to Tunde.


TOYIN: How are you?


TUNDE: I’m very fine and excited. Thank you for the water. You called me to come. You said it is very important and can be the start of our courtship. I am here now.


TOYIN: Yes, I have prayed over your proposal. I really commend you for waiting these nine months for me to finally get headway.


TUNDE: It’s worth the wait. I’ve not stop praying too and I have more assurance each passing day that you are the helpmeet the Lord made for me and we shall do mighty exploits together. That assurance makes me love you the more.


TOYIN: I know. I have prayed and the Holy Spirit asked me to ask you some important question and your response will confirm my answer, so I want you to be honest with me.


TUNDE: Alright. Please go ahead with the questions.


TOYIN: How old are you?


TUNDE: I’m 30 years old.


TOYIN: I’m 32. Where do you work?


TUNDE: I do field research and project analysis and get paid per project. In few months I will be through with my MSc and then apply for a fulltime job.


TOYIN: I work in the oil and gas and my salary is in the six digits. Anyway, where do you live?


TUNDE: A room self contain in the town.


TOYIN: Here is an Executive two bedroom flat in the GRA. Okay, What car do you drive?


TUNDE: (Uneasy) I don’t have a car. Ehm, Sis Toyin…


TOYIN: I’m not through yet. Where are your parents, what do they do.


TUNDE: My parent lives in the village, they are village missionaries and they are farmers too.


TOYIN: My Mum works with a consulting company in Ikeja. My Dad is the CEO of Ajax Construction, Victoria Island, and they both live in Ikoyi. That’s just by the way; finally, what type of Wedding do you want?


TUNDE: (Smiles) I want a simple and classy wedding, not necessarily flamboyant.


TOYIN: Good, but this is what I want? I want a sophisticated, high class societal wedding. You see TUNDE,


TUNDE: (Stammers) Yes


TOYIN: As much as I desire to give you a yes, I cannot. You are not in my class. I cannot sign up for a life of suffering at this early stage of my life. I’m sorry I cannot marry you. God knows I’ve passed your level. Wisdom say an eagle does not company with a chick. We are two parallel lines that cannot meet. Look for your type and you will find. I wish you the best. So, it is a NO!




TUNDE: She thoroughly humiliated me. I didn’t know how I left the place. I just kept walking and wandering till I got home.


TAYO: What! You trekked from her house? That’s over two hours of trekking. Tunde, it has not come to that. Haba, if a woman says no to your proposal does not mean it’s the end of the world.


TUNDE: She should have simply said No. She needn’t waste my time, giving me fake assurance, telling me she is interested but she needs to pray through. I didn’t have the slightest hint that she could come up with all those issues. So, I waited to be humiliated.


TAYO: You should thank God. If you marry that kind of woman, certainly you cannot go far in life and ministry. She is so shallow and focuses on mundane things of life. She lacks focus on eternal thing.


TUNDE: But she wasn’t like this before. She is devout and committed or was she pretending?


TAYO: What I know is that, if you want to be fulfilled in your marriage, you’ve got to forget about her because what you need is a helpmeet and not a heavy burden. Let go of her and go back to God, the creator of helpmeets. God will give you a suitable helpmeet, and as for Toyin, she is out.


TUNDE: (Face brightens) Thank you. You are God sent, can you please pray with me.


TAYO: We thank God, let us pray.



Marriage is not a game of competition; the husband and the wife are meant to complement each other. Two are better than one because together they can work more effectively, driven by the same purpose. [Read Genesis 2:18-25, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12] Never use what a man has or not to be the basis of your acceptance. The life of a man does not consist in the abundance of the things he possessed. Sister, you may have all things in abundance much more than your husband, yet, the Bible says submit. If God is leading you to say Yes to a man you love and you said no because of your pride and cares of this world; you automatically sign up for a miserable life. Brother, a woman that shows signs of worldliness and does not care for the things of God cannot be your helpmeet, therefore to avoid a clog in the wheel of your progress and to be fulfilled in life and ministry, take a WALK AWAY AND LET HER GO! God has not resigned from making suitable helpmeet for his man.


Covenant Adebayo



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Walk Away 2.0

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