Walk Away – 1.0

The Time is 3:15am; Abigail faces swells with tears as she sit on her bed holding her tears-soaked pillow to her chest. Tears streams down her cheeks uncontrollably, apparently feeling a sense of deep loss. She wipes her face with her bare hands over and over but the tears keeps flowing. After a while she uses her leg to draw her phone lying somewhere on the bed to herself. Wiping her tears, she dials a number, the phone rings endlessly with no one picking it. She dials it again, no response, she dials it the third time, and this time, the phone was cut off from the other end. This triggers a loud outburst of sobbing in Abigail.

Early in the morning, a knock is heard on the door. Abigail, looking morose and tardy, rises from her bed after recognizing her Uncle’s voice and goes towards the door.

UNCLE RICHARD: (Outside) Good Morning Abigail. It’s Uncle Richard. Don’t tell me you are not set, because I’m not going to take it lightly with you. I came all the way to celebrate with you on this special day. We cannot afford to be late to the Award ceremony. (Door Opens, Uncle Richard is Baffled) Hey Girl, what is the matter? Is everything alright? (The whole room is in a mess. The floor is littered, clothes, shoes and bags scattered everywhere. He quickly goes in to check if there is an intruder in the house and found none. He checks the window burglary to see if the house was burgled overnight). What is happening here? What happened to you?  Abigail looks on speechless)


Abigail highlights from a cab, carries her handbag and walks elegantly into the compound. She beams with smiles as she sees her fiancé opening the entrance door and comes out into the veranda where two of his friends are sitting.

ABIGAIL: My Dearest John, how are you doing?

JOHN: (Sternly) What is that nonsense you tried with me today?

ABIGAIL: (Confused) Nonsense?

JOHN: Yeah, it’s arrant nonsense. You cut the phone on me? Are you out of your mind? What a responsible woman will have the gut to cut the phone on her man?

ABIGAIL: Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t cut the phone on you. My GMD came in while I was talking with you and I took an excuse from you to attend to him.

JOHN: And you didn’t wait for me to assent to it.

ABIGAIL: John, It’s my GMD. I’m at work! (Catches her breath) Okay, Please, I’m sorry.

JOHN: (Hot Tempered) Oh, I get it, so I’m the one that has no work, that calls you during work hours. Oh, go on, I have no work; I’m jobless. It’s okay, just go on and tell my friends you have been the one feeding since I lost my job nine months ago. Let them know you bought clothes for me and you assisted with my rent.  Tell them you give me money for my upkeep. Go on… (John’s friend were shocked at that revelation)

ABIGAIL: (Softly) John, I’m sorry. (Goes closer and whispers) We are outside. We can settle this inside, please.

JOHN: Don’t take me for a fool. (He pushes her away and gives her a heavy slap. Abigail staggers and falls to the ground. John’s friends quickly rush to him to stop him from further assaulting her) See, I am sick and tired of you. You are bad luck. You are not even beautiful. Ugly hawk, look at her, stupid thing. You are not even good in bed. I have had enough of you. Carry your left over body to somewhere else. (Abigail finds it hard to believe what John was saying. She manages to stand, picks her bag and proceeds towards the gate, John rushes at her and pulls her back heavily, and she falls again. John faces her and speaks rashly) I know you cannot talk. Listen and hear this truth; I never loved you and I cannot love you. I have tried to love you this past one year because of I can get from you, but seriously I don’t feel anything for you at all. So it is over. (John pulls her by the hand and drags her to the gate and pushed her out.)


Abigail sits on the floor while Uncle Richard sits on the chair across her listening to her.

ABIGAIL: (Still moody) Uncle, I gave John everything.

UNCLE RICHARD: Why? Why did you give him your body too? Why did you descend so low?

ABIGAIL: I never did. Not even a kiss. The best he’s ever got was a hug. I never allowed him. He just said that to tarnish my image before his friends. Uncle, he slaps me almost every time I get him angry but yesterday was the climax.

UNCLE RICHARD: What! Lord, have mercy on your daughter.

ABIGAIL: Uncle I prayed before entering this relationship and I believe I heard God.

UNCLE RICHARD: I trust you.

ABIGAIL: I love him. Though sometimes he behaves as if he doesn’t love me actually. And since I noticed it, I have never stopped praying for this relationship. I was shocked when he said, “I never loved you and I cannot love you”.

UNCLE RICHARD: Congratulations. It is your prayer at work. God has answered your prayers but it seems you are not expecting God to answer so quickly.

ABIGAIL: Answer to prayers? How?

UNCLE RICHARD: When a man says I don’t love you or I can never love you, He meant it. There is no amount of love that you pour on that man that will yield any result. So there is no need to struggle. Don’t force him to love you if he does not love you or else you will live in a fool’s paradise. Love is of the heart and not just a feeling. An abusive courtship will produce and abusive marriage. Marriage is a blessing and the blessing of the Lord does not come with sorrow. If he can slap you now and disgrace you before his friends, be assured, when you marry, he will break you head, and public disgrace you. Don’t cast your pearls before the swine. You know what; it is time to WALK AWAY and FOCUS ON GOD!

ABIGAIL: Hmm, This is a bitter truth. But I feel so relieved the moment you said WALK AWAY and FOCUS ON GOD. My eyes just opened. (She stands to her feet and declared to herself confidently) No more weeping for me. No man can peg my destiny. I am not worthless. I am beautiful. I’ m not a bad luck. I’m a lady of inestimable worth. I am God’s child and ne will give me a blessed child as husband who will love me, cherish me and reciprocate my love. I’m reserved for the best.

UNCL ERICHARD: That’s the spirit, girl. Come on, go and freshen up and let’s catch up with the ceremony and celebrate.



Mutual Love is pivotal for marriage to be successful [Read Ephesians 5:21-33]. Marriage in itself has its inherent challenges  but where there is love, oneness and respect, it can be easy to overcome; however, where there is no love, it can be eternally miserable. Don’t force yourself on a man who does not love you, and don’t marry a woman who has no love for you because where there is no love – Agape, God kind of love, – all forms of abuse are inevitable. Why sign up for life of misery while you can wait on God to direct your steps to someone that will love and cherish you? A prudent man is from the Lord, so also, a virtuous woman. For someone reading this, IT IS TIME TO WALK AWAY FROM THAT UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!

Covenant Adebayo



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