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Registration is required for all Playwright, Story Illustrators, Script writers, and any other persons who desire to have their works hosted on Please click the link below to register.

After Registration, Please Kindly go through the guidelines below before making your submission.

Christian Short Plays has it core values viz-a-viz Originality | Inspirational | Revelational | Transformational | Cross Cultural | Non Denominational | Universal Accessibility | Sound Biblical Doctrine. Therefore, please ensure your scripts has embed in it these values.

Christian Short Plays believes in the protection of intellectual property and will not infringe on anyone’s copyright. Therefore ONLY gospel plays and screenplays owned by you should be submitted. If you are submitting for someone, please do ensure that the work carries the name(s) of the writer.
All Scripts submitted to Christian Short Plays will go through screening and may be returned to the writer to make necessary adjustment and or corrections.

Please ensure all your scripts are well spell checked and free of grammatical errors.

Christian Short Plays shall not pay for all scripts submitted to Christian Short Plays Portal.

Christian Short Plays allows persons or groups to act on stage all plays (or its adaptations) in programmes, conferences and conventions for the purpose soul winning and edification of the body of Christ.

Christian Short Plays does not allow persons or groups to shoot into movie any plays or screenplays hosted on this portal. Should anyone desire to shoot any plays or screenplay, please contact Christian Short Plays to facilitate proper permission from the copyright owners.

The following are required to accompany the submission of every scripts (plays and screenplays):

1. Title
2. Name of Writer(s)
3. Name of Ministry (Optional)
4. Theme of the Message
5. 3-7 Keywords (to enable easy search)
6. Short Synopsis (500 characters Max)
7. Graphics Design/Artwork in 2 sizes (900 x 900 px and 1800 x 900 px)
8. Information: Produced (Year of production) or Not yet Produced.
9. The Script. (Doc or PDF)

Finally, please help in publicity of the to all your fans and followers. If there are questions and clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us.