(Two ladies were fighting; another lady tries to separate them. It is apparent they were fighting on something of common interest as they rain abuses on themselves. Their noise atrracts a young woman from the other apartment, she comes to the scene and succeeds in seperating them. She takes them to her apartment)


(In the living room; a hot argument is going on in between two twin sisters, each shouting at the top her voice and talking simultaneously in annoyance)

TAIWO: (Loudly) That’s arrant nonsense. Don’t give me that crap. We are no longer babies. Kenny, can’t you see? For how long are we going top continue like this…

KENNY: (Cuts in sharply) We are precious children of God, and there is no other peaceable lifestyle I have seen elsewhere…

TAIWO: (Defensive) It is because you have refused to see current realities…Things are changing…We are in the global age. Open your eyes twin sister; huh…Everybody is blending…

KENNY: (Shakes her head) No! We cannot blend with the current wave of immorality that we see around us…As long as there is breathe in us, twin sister; we will continue to live for God. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

TAIWO: (Undaunted) What are we saying? What are you talking? (Hisses) You better speak for yourself and not for me. (She goes in inside in annoyance and shut the door with a loud bang, Kenny shows surprise at her twin sister’s reaction and latter goes to meet her in her room)


(Taiwo’s Apartment; Taiwo is beside the window, tears roll down her face as she looks out of the window into the dark alley. The three ladies in the fight are sitted in her living room listening with rapt attention; she wipes her face as she continues her story)

TAIWO: (Faces the ladies) My twin sister, Kenny, tried so much to persuade me on that day. Oh, what a devout sister she is. She said… (Goes to flashback again)

KENNY: (Calmly) Dear, we cannot be like other people. We have a great destiny, that’s why our parents are training us up in the way of the Lord. We must even be grateful to God that we have caring parents. Acts like indecent dressing, wild parties, kissing, sex and/or allowing someone to touch any part of our body in a way that stirs up our sexual feelings are actually sinful; the devil can capitalize on to afflict us…

(Flash back ends, Taiwo continues speaking)

TAIWO: My mind was made up and I saw my sister as been myopic. (Shakes her head in pity) Sooner, I met this guy whom I really loved and I thought he loved me. He asked me to prove my love for him, first, by kissing. Initially, I objected but he sweet-tongued me to believe there is no harm in kissing one’s lover. “There is a way that seems right to a man; but the end thereof are the ways of death” [Proverbs 14:12]. He pestered me for sex day-in, day-out untill I made the greatest mistake of my life (tears streams down her face). I gave away my dignity and my most treasured virtue – my virginity – which I had kept unwaveringly for twenty five years for momentary pleasures. He introduced me to pornography, and I got addicted. He turned me into a sex object as we did all manner of filthy things we saw in the porn films almost everyday. He thoroughly messed me up and started cheating on me. This made me cry every night, then it dawned on me that my twin sister was right; “Sex can never be used to sustain a relationship”. (She looks at the ladies and called them by their names one after the other) Rosemary, Iyabo and Josephine, I chose to share my life with you before you fall for the sweet lies of the devil.

JOSEPHINE: (Disturbed) Men are evil. He deflowered you and sill cheated on you?

ROSEMARY: That’s heart breaking, men cannot be trusted, if any man dares does that to me, I will show him the stuff I am made off.

TAIWO: (Points to Rosemary and Josephine) But both of you were fighting on a man, who, unknown to you, had also asked out Iyabo. That kind of man just wants to use you all and dump you all. Whatever you do to such a person cannot bring back what you’ve lost.

IYABO: Unbelievable! You mean you have gone through all these things? How did you survive it?

TAIWO: (Smiles) What a wonderful friend I have in my twin sister, she never gave up on me, always admonishing me even when I was absentminded to her wise counsel. She will always tell me she’s praying for me and indeed her prayers were answered. When I came to my wits end, the only arms that were wide open to restore me were that of Jesus Christ. I came back to my first love – Jesus Christ – after three years of wallowing in immorality. I lost so much, but Christ redeemed me and restored me. You can also be redeemed and restored if you will come as you are to the one that died for your sins. You will be saved, healed and delivered from every shackles and bondages. You will be totally set free. (The ladies falls on their knees in soberness and submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, as Taiwo prays for them)


To all who care to listen, and to all who will want to make mistakes themselves before learning, hear me: Cuddling, Kissing, Romance and Sex are for couples (A Man and a Woman who are MARRIED to each other). Pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex is painful, heart breaking and destroys. Don’t turn defiant ears to wise counsel. Any relationship built with immorality as the foundation will ultimately collapse. A godly man or woman doesn’t talk about premarital sex or try to manipulate you into it because it is not the priority before marriage. I advice all people living in sexual immorality to repent and come out of it. Ask the Lord to deliver you and fill you with his Holy Spirit. Receive boldness to cut off immoral relationships. Yes, cut it off! God’s desire is that you have wonderful relationship where your body is respected [1 Corinthians 6:18-20]. Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery. [Hebrews 13:4]




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