Christian Short Plays is an online portal for gospel plays and sceenplays. It is a robust universal database of Christian Drama and movie scripts. It comprises different genres of drama on diverse topical issues. It is a deep spiritual pool stirred continously by multiple heavenly inspired drama messages for all and sundry to take a deep launch into for salvation, all round healing, total deliverance, restoration and warmth relaxation.

Our Vision is to present inspiring Evangelical Christian Drama scripts – gospel plays and screenplays – for online reading, universal accessibiliy and distribution, to awaken mankind to Christ’ Redemption, Restoration, Righteousnss and Endtime Revival.

www.christianshortplays.com is an online hub where you can plug in to read all gospel plays and screenplays from great gospel playwrights, story illustrators, screenwriters, faith based movie makers from across the globe. It also offers a search platform for drama messages on several topical issues which could be used for personal edification, group presentations and adaptations in conferences and conventions.


  • Originality
  • Inspirational
  • Revelational
  • Transformational
  • Cross Cultural
  • Non Denominational
  • Universal Accessibility
  • Sound Biblical Doctrine


COVENANT ADEBAYO is a versatile Christian Playwright, ScreenWriter, Movie Producer and Director. A passionate Fulltime Drama Minister with The Mount Zion Faith Ministries, International. An Alumnus of the Prestigious Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, Nigeria. He is a young and dynamic outreach minded youth, facilitating outreaches to secondary schools and tertiary institutions, the church not excluded. He is the Convener, Newlife Discoveries Campus Outreaches, Nigeria. He serves as the Lead Administrator at the Mount Zion Faith Ministries and Mount Zion Television Productions Ltd.